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Refineries Solutions for Cleaning, Scheduled Maintenance, and Emergency Response

Engineered Solutions to Save Money Safely

Cleaning, maintenance, and emergency response

Rain for Rent supports refineries during scheduled maintenance, cleaning, filtration, and more. Our work is recognized in helping leading companies with turnarounds to emergency response needs. Here's how we help your plant:

Effluent Water Clarification

Plants can reduce the quantity of inbound water required by treating and reusing water produced on site. Rain for Rent offers a flexible line up of treatment steps, including oil water separation and various filtration methods, along with all the pumps, pipe, and tanks required for a complete yet temporary system.

Slip Stream Filtration

Side-stream filtration allows the filtration of approximately 4-7 % of the cooling tower circulation water to be “slip-streamed” off the discharge of cooling tower pumps, filtered, and returned to the proper point in the tower basin. Rain for Rent can provide the equipment and labor services for filtration systems that help reduce the amount of wet solids which need to be disposed of, resulting in money saved.

API Separator Bypass

Rain for Rent designs bypass systems utilizing Fast Flow pumps - developed for severe service applications and abrasive solids within Coke Pits, API Sumps, or Above Ground Storage Tanks – to create custom solutions for your oilfield and refinery needs.  

Hydroblast Water Containment

Avoid cleaning-equipment bottlenecking during peak maintenance times by setting up temporary containment berms to double or triple your blast pad capacity. Rain for Rent’s large spill containment berms contain hydroblast liquids, allowing you to ​clean your equipment on site and ​take care of your own waste. Double or triple your blast pad capacity right next to your existing unit.

Refinery chemical tank solution

Tank Circulation

Rain for Rent’s circulation pumps can be utilized in a variety of applications; use our designs in pre-turnaround plans to ensure cooling tower pumps remain operational, or in pre-expansion plans to provide additional pumping capacity. Rain for Rent can provide the equipment and labor services to meet your tank circulation needs.

Cooling Tower Water Filtration

Cooling towers are the work-horses of refineries and chemical processing plants. The maintenance and filtration of cooling tower water is imperative for productivity and safety. Rain for Rent has the engineering expertise and equipment to design and provide systems for: Make Up Water, Side Stream Filtration, Circulation Pumps, Boiler Cleaning, Demineralized Water, and Clarifier H20 Lines, etc.

Turnaround Maintenance for Refineries

Hydrotest Equipment

Rain for Rent has everything you need for hydrostatic testing: tanks and boxes, pumps, pipe and hose, filtration units, spill containment, SolidGround Traction Mats, flow meters, and PipeStax®. We can provide everything from system design to filtration and storage of effluent water.

Plant Clean-Up Support

Whether planned maintenance or emergency response clean-up, Rain for Rent is ready and able to quickly provide the liquid-handling solutions you need. Since 1934, our dedication to ingenuity has resulted in a wide variety of modular spillguards, sprayguards, berms, hose and pedestrian bridges to keep your projects safe, clean, contained, and organized.

Emergency Response

Rain for Rent’s personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your liquid handling emergency. We have proven flood-dewatering experience, including recovery applications after the flooding in Omaha, hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and more. With a diverse fleet of pumps, tanks, filtration, pipe and spill containment available locally, nationwide, we are ready to step in and help with natural disasters or emergency bypasses. We have over 60 locations in the U.S. and can quickly mobilize fleet.

Hydroblast Water Re-Circulation

When hydroblasting, Rain for Rent can re-circulate water and minimize waste for optimal cleaning-in-place. Rain for Rent has the expertise to design and build temporary hydroblast pads for increased cleaning efficiency. This efficiency can capture, treat, and reuse water, minimizing waste and improving completion times.

Tank Cleaning Support

When tanks are taken offline for cleaning, Rain for Rent can provide temporary storage tanks and submersible pumps to remove liquids. Whatever your needs may be, Rain for Rent can step in and provide a complete system of pumps, pipes, tanks, and containment to get the job done right the first time.

Bypass pumping for Refineries

Bypass Pumping

When you need help with a bypass, you can rely on Rain for Rent’s engineering expertise and 80 years of experience to create an effective pumping solution. Our team of bypass experts will help you identify the proper pumps and equipment to divert flows safely and effectively while protecting projects from unwanted incidents and taking measures to reduce fuel consumption.

Refinery filtration equipment and services


Rain for Rent’s filtration technology experts have the experience required to identify and develop contaminant management plans. Our proven filtration and containment systems, including media filters and separators, can be relied on to perform safely and effectively meet daily discharge requirements.

Sludge Dewatering

At most plants, sludge dewatering and heavy solids filtration can challenge even the most advanced filtration systems. Rain for Rent has the system design experience and dependable filtration and pumping equipment you need for temporary solutions that are responsive to your project’s needs.

Chemical Cleaning Waste Storage

Refineries and industrial plants often do not have surplus land or space. When extra storage is required, Rain for Rent has the temporary storage vessels you need, along with the filtration and SWPPP expertise required to develop a plan to meet your needs.

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