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5 Ways We Can Help You Use Water on Your Dairy Farm

You are stewards of your dairy farm’s land, air, water, and animals. Water's used to improve your cows’ production and health – clean your parlors – irrigate your feed crops – and reused as much as possible.

Rain for Rent understands the possible environmental and financial impacts when water is not used effectively. Learn how we help below or request a quote today.

1. Lagoon Dewatering

Remove water from your lagoons or prevent surface runoff when the lagoon is too full. Rain for Rent will respond to your overflow needs quickly to prevent flooding or potential EPA fines.

2. Irrigation

High feed costs mean it is time to increase your crop yields.Reuse your wastewater with labor saving irrigation on your feed crops. Limit your potential runoff with efficient irrigation.

3. Dust Control

Keeping your cows healthy is key to your yield. Rain for Rent can provide you dust control irrigation products to keep your cows’ lungs clear and the EPA off your back.

4. Cooling

When it comes to heat stress, soakers or misters cool cow smore efficiently than shade alone. Rain for Rent provides high quality products to reduce water waste and keep your cows cool, happy, and productive.

5. Filtration

When cattle do not drink enough clean and safe water everyday, productivity declines. Rain for Rent can help filter ground or canal water for better water quality.


When you need irrigation support or other liquid handling help, contact Rain for Rent. Nobody else is able to offer the combination of experience, products, and agricultural know-how that we can. We offer competitive short and long-term rental programs, along with leasing and financing options on all our products.

For immediate assistance,
call 800 742 7246